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Guild Message of the Day - May 28th
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Wise Guise Showcase

We killed the Trons! (again...with ss this time!)
Valiona & Theralion don't look so fabulous now, do they!?
The Guise's First Blackhorn Kill!
The Flametalon of Alysrazor mount dropped!
Completed Glory of the Firelands Raider!
Big dead worm!
Heroic Zon'ozz kill
We got Reins of the Blazing Drake from Deathwing!
Death to large sea creatures!
Dragonwrath legendary COMPLETE!
First Guild Argaloth Kill
The Guise reaches guild level 25!
Nefarian is dead!
Maloriak has made his last flask! ...until next week... Grats on the kill Guise!
Group Lap Dance to celebrate Achieve-a-Tron! (and will Mahu back from AFK)
Felt very good killing Rhyolith!
Baleroc? Lousy Gatekeeper...Slaughtered by the Guise!
Our first Chimaeron kill!
We attacked Conclave of the Winds and all we got was this silly Turban!
Morchok - One Try, One-Shot!

Wise Guise News

By: Jingu - July 3rd

Change is good!

So, I went looking for a new mumble because we keep getting auto-tuned T-Pain style while trying to do rated battlegrounds!  And I was also *trying* to do updates to this site, which is getting more and more difficult because it's quirky and features are breaking and they're not doing much about it.  *AND* I was trying to set up a little webpage for The Secret World.


All of this culminated together into IT'S TIME TO MOVE, PACK UP THE BOXES!


I got a package from Enjin for a new site with multi-gaming community features and integrated Mumble (really, you can click on the little mumble symbol on the site to connect to it, even!) and I'm very happy about it because the site offers much more open-ended functionality.  I'll still miss some of the fun little graphic touches of this site that make it not just look like a normal forum board, but I'm beyond frustrated dealing with some of the bugs of maintaining it.  For, instance, every time I put up a month's of events on the calendar is an hour long pain in the butt procedure full of bugginess and there's absolutely no functionality for producing regularly scheduled recurring events. So, change is good!


The new site is


The new mumble information is in the mumble forum post on both the current and new websites.


Feel free to start using both the new website and the new mumble now!  (The old ones will remain around for a while as we transition!)

  • Solomun: Jingu help! I can't access the new site on either of two computers or on any browser :(( For some reason Janky and Q can tho >:|
  • Jingu: I tried to keep you out! But I see in this case, it ws just your fail computer. ><
  • Dahne: I'm trying to register and it doesn't like me. I try to add a character, but it just shows mea loading bar forever.
  • Dahne: Never mind, got it to work. Yay!
By: Jingu - June 28th

July events are available on the calendar!

Just a few scheduling notes for the upcoming month:


RBGs are scheduled as normal, every Monday night at 9pm.


Raid is on hiatus for a few weeks due to lack of availability from summer travel and all around boredom with the dwindling days of this expac.  We've had to cancel several times of late with only 6-7 people available each week.  We'll attempt to resume normal raiding business next month if interest and availibility perks up!  Officially taking the month off allows the few  people who do still want to raid, the ability to join pugs if they'd like, while others can just enjoy a much needed break after many many many successful weeks of raiding. :)


There is a special 25 man achievement/mount/title raid night up on the calendar! Check it out, all are welcomed to join us. We'll be venturing to Ulduar as well as other old-school raid locales.

By: Jingu - June 15th

Another Heroic DS kill!


Grats Guise for taking down Heroic Zonozz!


Things go better when you're *intentionally* pulling on Heroic mode, go figure!!

By: Jingu - April 27th

Dahne's Completed Fangs of the Father!

I was going to say that Dahne will be solo'ing all raids for the remainder of this expansion...but let us not forget the painstaking journey to Sadina's legendary also.  The two of them shall slay all of our dragons while we wait for loot, drink and...well...drink more!

Grats again, Dahne! :D

  • Dahne: I am so awesome now. Scuse me while I evade tank solo EVERYTHING,
  • Sadina: Congrats Dahne!!
  • Locia: I'm so glad Bertt could make it back for the photo op!
  • Bertt: that is one fine looking tentacle if I say so myself.
By: Jingu - April 20th

Grats to the Guise for Heroic DS progression!

The Guise raiders got two new heroic kills in Dragon Soul - Yorsahj and a one-shot of Ultraxion - way to go, everybody! We have been taking it easy and raiding only once a week, not really pushing much more than normal mode clears, so getting this done in one night while also clearing the whole place was good stuff!


This places our raid team at #2 for 10-man progression Horde-side and #8 10-man progression on the realm overall.


Stay tuned for legendary news in the very near future, as well!

  • Lokrick: It was great to kick some heroic boss butt and get some heroic boss lootz. Go go guise!
By: Jingu - March 7th

Completed Sadina's Dragonwrath Legendary!

A big congratulations to Sadina and the Wise Guise for completing her legendary weapon!


It was a looooong journey and thanks are in order to every single person who helped to personally complete raid bosses each week or did their part to donate to the raiding effort in whatever way they could! Thank you all!


Be sure to visit the guild vendor to pick up your Lil Tarecgosa pet now! (Available to everyone with sufficient guild reputation!)

  • Sadina: /mountspecial =D
  • Jingu: /mountenvy! :D
  • Lokrick: /mountsadina
By: Jingu - February 10th

Madness of Deathwing Kill Video!


We have already killed DW 2 more times since this video! Better late than never, though, right?


And since this kill, we have also gotten new heroic kills and achievements in Firelands and Dragon Soul! We're chipping away at the meta raid achievements!

  • Dahne: Had to use End of the World As We Know It, huh.
  • Jingu: Could. Not. Resist!
By: Jingu - February 2nd

February Raid, LFR, and Rated Battleground Events are on the Calendar!

Don't forget to sign up for any and all activities you'll be joining us for!


See you there, Guise!

By: Jingu - January 29th

Deathwing is Dead!


Great Job, Guise! 8/8 Dragon Soul, before any nerfs arrived!


Stay tuned for the kill video, and look for continued Dragon Soul farming on the calendar, as well as achievement/title/legendary farming in all of the Cata raids!

By: Jingu - January 23rd

Wise Guise: Paratroopers, Barrel Rollers, ...Tendon Sever-ers?


Congrats on the Spine of Deathwing kill last week, Guise!


Enjoy the ride! I recommend Fullscreen HD viewing, and two Dramamine.  :-p

  • Jingu: Sill really impressed we one-shotted him the next week too, with different people in the group, even! (i.e., we brought Lokrick along and STILL succeeded! good job carrying him, Guise!)
  • Dakurlzz: Nice job...<33

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